Puppies from Hi-Jinx Shibas, our family treasures



(Please note, we very seldom return phone calls.)


Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu Kennel is a small private breeder in Wisconsin of quality Shiba Inus.

We have litters only occasionally as we breed to enhance our bloodline.

We do not ship our puppies to their new homes so a visit to us must be arranged when pups are available . 

All pet puppies available as family pets will be sold on spay/neuter agreements.  Prices vary starting at $2500. 00 with some discounts given to repeat buyers.

Please answer the questions on the Questions.doc above only if you are interested in the puppy listed available.

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Reputable breeder friends in my area - Contact:

  1. Bullet Kokuryuu Shibas at pamc300@gmail.com 

  2. BulletTobishi Kennels http://www.tobishikennels.com/index.html

  3. BulletYori Green   yorigreen@gmail.com

We might have pups in late Winter.